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The Challenge:
Phase One: Work with the Company's President and Senior Leadership Team to forge a high performance leadership body with an enhanced sense of trust and openness. The Company had just gone through a near bankruptcy experience, during which the President had appropriately called an 'all hands on deck' and had run the ship through the storm with strong and central leadership. It was time, having gone through the storm, to re-ignite the Senior Leadership Team, forge a new strategy, reinvent the culture and a create dynamic participatory management process to grow and attract a next round of investment.

Phase Two: As the TRANZACT company acquired other firms as wholly owned subsididaries, Sarkardy worked with two of the original Senior Leadership Team to recreate a Leadership Team for the Customer Acquisition Business, (the core business of the firm). In addition, Sarkady was asked to work with the new Leadership to develop a strategy that would grow and be scalable. Sarkady helped each of the Senior Leaders grow and assume a greater sense of 'ownership' of the operation.

The Process:
Phase One: Sarkady worked with the President to re-consider how to shape his leadership force to maximize the interaction of his Leadership Team members to achieve a much more vibrant team and a degree of openness that had here-to-for been absent. This involved Sarkady working in one on ones with the President Sarkady worked with the President and Team to craft a set of values that were disseminated throughout the staff, through meetings with the departments and divisions led by the most senior people in each. This culminated in an al Company meeting to forge Respect, and inculcate this as a fundamental building block of the Corporate Culture. At a subsequent Executive Off-site, the Senior Team built a strategy to grow, and a management system to drive performance. Sarkady played an ongoing shepherding role with the President and the Leadership Team to ensure successful implementation.

Phase Two: Sarkady worked with the two Senior Executives who ran the Customer Acquisition Business to develop and each forge their own unique leadership style plus work with the two of them to build a sense of Partnership to run the firm together. Sarkady then assisted the two of them in building their Leadership Team.

In addition, Sarkady helped the two Senior Partners, working with the other owners of TRANZACT, to build a 'High Octane Strategy' to scale the business and inspire the next level of financing to grow the company into its next era.

The Results:
TRANZACT continued its financial pathway to growth and investment. A vibrant and dynamic culture has ensued and continues to flourish. This is a 'high culture' place. Levels of investment have been achieved. The Company is now working on the next level of scalability.





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