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The Challenge: Build a High Performance Leadership Team at the Top of the US Fund for UNICEF, Develop a Culture of Collaboration and Mutual Respect, Create a Strategic Plan for Growth, and Sustain the new level of Performance.

The Process: Sarkady worked with the CEO and President of the US Fund for UNICEF to support her leadership greatness, and through her and with her built the Senior Management Team (SMT). The members of this leadership body were coached one on one by Sarkady, and then worked with in facilitated sessions to clean up the baggage of the past, and build renewed trust and openness. In addition, each of the SMT received coaching and training on leadership skills and attributes.

Sarkady worked with the CEO and the Senior Management Team to inspire the entire staff of the US Fund to forge a collaborative culture. Sessions were held with each department and with each division, leading up to an all-company session where 200 people worked in small groups and then in plenary to construct a definition of the desired culture, and even more importantly, to worked to embody and sustain the culture in their everyday actions and in the conduct of Fund business.
Sarkady continued to work with the SMT over time to bolster their trust, their vibrancy, and their ownership of the leadership vision of the organization. In addition, the next level Leadership Group (the people who report to the SMT) was trained in the functions and attributes of leadership.

The Result: The US Fund for UNICEF achieved record fundraising two years in a row, and remarkably and at least as importantly, achieved this with no lay-offs or reductions during the Great Recession that just occurred during 2008-2010. The CEO attributed these pwerful results directly to the work with Sarkady, and the strength of the leadership team that resulted.



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